Supreme Court ruling:  Read our statement. 

Wellspring Health Access is offering medication abortion through telemedicine. Call or text us at (307) 224-7851 for an appointment.

Supreme Court ruling:  Read our statement.

Wellspring Health Access is offering medication abortion through telemedicine. Call or text us at (307) 224-7851 for an appointment.

Big Wins The First Week of October 2022

This week Wellspring is pleased to announce two big wins in the abortion rights movement.  With both Ohio and Arizona on October 7, 2022 making abortion services legally available in their respective states.

As of Saturday, 10/08/2022, there are 13 states that severely restrict access to abortions — Alabama, Arkansas, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin. And access is significantly limited in a 15th state, Georgia, where the procedure is allowed until the detection of fetal cardiac activity, which usually happens around six weeks of pregnancy.

For more information on the laws on each state, take a look at our Abortion: State by State Guide (coming soon)

In Ohio:

Judge Christian Jenkins
Hamilton County Common Pleas Court Judge Christian Jenkins speaks in his courtroom in downtown Cincinnati on Oct. 7, 2022. Jenkins heard arguments Friday on whether to extend a block on Ohio’s law banning virtually all abortions on a more permanent basis.

Judge puts Ohio’s six-week abortion ban on hold indefinitely

CNN  —  A judge in Cincinnati announced Friday he will issue a preliminary injunction against a new Ohio law that prohibits abortions as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, according to the ACLU of Ohio. Read More

Ohio’s six-week abortion ban on hold indefinitely. State expected to appeal.

An Ohio judge blocked the state’s six-week abortion ban indefinitely on Friday. The state is expected to appeal the ruling. Read More

Ohio judge approves permanent block on state’s ‘heartbeat’ abortion ban

Ohio’s new “heartbeat” abortion law, outlawing the procedure after six weeks of pregnancy, remains on hold Friday as a Hamilton County judge blocked a ban on virtually all abortions. Read More

…and in ARIZONA…


Arizona appeals court temporarily blocks enforcement of near-total abortion ban

CNN  —  An Arizona appeals court on Friday temporarily blocked the enforcement of a ban on nearly all abortions across the state after a three-judge panel voted to grant an emergency stay filed by Planned Parenthood, court documents show. Read More

Arizona court halts enforcement of near-total abortion ban

An Arizona appellate court halted enforcement of the state’s near-total abortion ban late Friday, staying a lower court’s decision to reinstate an older law that allows the procedure only if it is needed to save the life of a pregnant person. Read More

New Abortion Bans Put on Hold by Courts in Arizona and Ohio

Abortion bans in Arizona and Ohio were temporarily put on hold by judges, allowing procedures in the states to continue while the nonprofit Planned Parenthood challenges the new restrictions in court. Read More

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